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The chances are that you enjoy watching television series and movies, and that you are a fan of a number of characters. Many games give you the chance to immerse yourself even further in the world of television and film by bringing the most popular characters to life on your computer.

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A particularly popular genre of game is superheroes. If you like the DC comic superheroes, such as Superman and Batman, then you will find plenty of games that are based around these characters. There are games based upon the 1960s Batman television series, and games based upon more recent creations such as the films “Batman vs Superman” and “The Dark Knight”.

If superheroes are not your thing, don’t worry as there are many more games for you to explore. For instance, the hilarious pet detective Ace Venture has been brought to the reels in an exciting slot game that is packed with bonus features.

If you are more interested in sci-fi then there are plenty more games for you to enjoy. A particularly popular game is Terminator Genisys, based upon the popular film from 2015, in which you help Sarah and Kyle escape the T-1000. Alternatively, you could give Robocop slots a spin; based upon the film from 1987 this slot brings all your favourite characters to the reels and gives you the chance to enjoy a huge range of bonus features.

There are many more games based upon popular television shows and films. You can find slots based upon Dirty Dancing, the Pink Panther, Top Gun, Monty Python films and the hit film Gladiator. If you are more interested in television shows then you can explore The Six Million Dollar Man, which has been a favourite with players for a long time now.

In short, there is no need to restrict your interaction with your favourite shows and films to just watching. You can enjoy all your favourites brought to life in games that will provide you with hours of fun and give you the chance to take home some huge winnings.

Movies & TV games

If you have seen the Robocop film then you will know all about Delta City. Now you can travel there and meet Alex Murphy, also known as Robocop, as well as a number of other characters from the film, and hopefully return with some huge winnings. Robocop is a 5-reel…
If you like the Terminator films then you will love this slot based upon Terminator Genisys. Not only does it bring your favourite characters to the reels, but it is packed with bonus features that could help you win big. Terminator Genisys is a 5-reel slot with 3 rows and…

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